Tick. Tock.
Looking around. Watching, feeling, experiencing.
Looking down. Aching, pleading, sighing.
Looking back. Analysing, ruminating, healing.
Looking forward. Dreaming, pondering, yearning.
Looking in. Evaluating, changing, growing.
Looking up. Thanking, loving, questioning. Believing.

Life can be hard sometimes. It can be the most exhilarating experience, or it can feel difficult just to breathe. But whatever you may be going through, it is so important to remember that the hard parts of life are just as normal and just as necessary as the good parts, even though that’s not the way life was originally designed.

Thankfully, where there is darkness, there is always light. And the light will always overcome the darkness.

I have seen evidence of it already this year, both in my life and the life of others, for it outshines all situations (and mine isn’t too bad – I could have much worse than a long distance relationship!) and it is constant and dependable.

Want to know more?
Or contact me if you’re in the area and come to mine šŸ™‚


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